The Toé / Datura Diaries

The Toé / Datura Diaries
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The First Ever Account of Dieting the Revered Shamanic Plant Brugmansia aka Toé / Datura

A personal account of the use of the Brugmansia plant commonly known as “Toé,” is revealed. The plant is native of the Peruvian Amazon and the Andes, where it’s highly revered among shamans. Despite its popularity, the ingestion of this plant is surrounded by many justified taboos due to its toxicity and many dangers. 

Javier Regueiro worked and studied intensively with this unique Plant Teacher in 2005 for five months, deep in the Amazon, and again in 2019. These experiences have been essential in his shamanic apprenticeship, as well as a profound personal healing and spiritual process. In The Toé / Datura Diaries these experiences are shared in great detail through journal entries from both shamanic dietas - or diet regimen in Spanish, - as well as extensive commentary on those experiences.

Following his first Toé dieta in 2005, Javier Regueiro began working as a plant medicine person and created the Ayaruna Center in Pisac, Peru. Over the last 10+ years he has been offering healing retreats with Ayahuasca and San Pedro / Huachuma plant medicines, both of which he has published books on.

While this book is not intended as a DIY manual for ingesting either the Toé or any other potentially risky plants, it does provide a very detailed overview and intimate glimpse into both the traditional practice of dieting medicinal plants. The commentary and insights provided are designed to avoid common pitfalls and maximize the time and effort invested in the profound healing process plant medicines provide.

This captivating tale presents an honest and vulnerable journey into the wisdom and medicines of the Amazon jungle. The many challenges faced by the author along the way ultimately led to a profound healing and expansion from engaging with this powerful Plant Teacher.