The Holistic Beauty Book

The Holistic Beauty Book
21.3 EUR

Do you:

  • Worry about chemicals in your cosmetics?
  • Want to use only the very best fresh handmade holistic potions?
  • Want to use ethical and environmentally friendly products?
  • Have sensitive skin and need very pure potions?

DIY skincare is fun, easy and empowering. The Hand-made Beauty Book is packed with safe, 100% natural, organic, eco-friendly skincare potions that you can make at home that are gorgeous yet affordable.

  • Use vegan/vegetarian ingredients which are organic, local and fairly-traded
  • Make plain base-creams/ointments from scratch for herbal/aromatherapy use
  • Stop using skin-damaging & environmentally-damaging chemicals
  • Make wonderful soothing potions for pregnancy and babycare

Star includes recipes for lip balms, face-creams, body butters, massage bars, bath melts, scrubs, cleansers, babycare products, moisturizers, facial toners, masks and packs and much more.

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