The Essential Pandemic Survival Guide

The Essential Pandemic Survival Guide
Brand: Weldon Owen, Incorporated
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Over 150 practical tips and guides that will help safeguard your family during a pandemic.

COVID-19 has changed the world and touched the lives of millions. Yet this may be just the first of a potentially terrifying wave of new and lethal pandemics that Governments are ill equipped to handle. New York Times Bestselling author Tim MacWelch and emergency management expert Joseph Pred provide expert and proven advice that can save you and your family when no-one else can. Learn how to create your own facemasks, stock your pantry, and quarantine safely in your own home. With over 150 clearly illustrated survival tips, The Essential Pandemic Survival Guide is the best way that you can protect your family from the lethal impact of a global pandemic.

Topics include:
• Masks and gloves: What you need to know. How to use properly, common do’s and don’ts
• DIY clean suit
• Hand sanitizer
• Your ultimate first-aid kit
• Create an isolation room at home, if you must (and how to make that decision)
• How to stock up sensibly for a potential lockdown.
• The Ultimate Pandemic Checklist: Food, water, medical supplies, pet care, toiletries, personal items, and more
• Help others deal with stress and anxiety
•  Manage your own mood and mental state
• Care for pets in a pandemic
• Make a family emergency plan
• Help your local community prepare for disasters
• 12-month schedule for checking on plans and preparedness with family
• Put together your toolkit
• Disinfect water
• Chart your survival priorities
• Pack your bug-out bag