Skateboard Museum Zine Collection

Skateboard Museum Zine Collection
30.7 EUR

This is a beautiful collection of five of the zines that were published by the Skateboard Museum over the past couple of years. All five zines will come in a slipcase. The collection includes:

1. A visual love zine to the brand that is ‘OFF THE WALL’ since 1966 on the history of VANS. This is a colorful journey to the iconic styles which make VANS the brand it is today, including historical ads, packaging, shoes and more.
2. DIY - The History of Creative Culture in Skateboarding, showing self built skateboards, early instructions, and DIY skateboard art.
3. No Shitty Ads, displaying the creative covers of US zines and zines made in Germany from the 80s to early 90s.
4. A zine on the T-shirt and board collection of skater Jason Jessee.
5. A zine on the skateboard art of LA based artist Harry Blitzstein.