Music Marketing for the DIY Musician

Music Marketing for the DIY Musician
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Do it yourself and succeed! More and more artists are taking advantage of new technologies to try and build successful careers. But in this expanding competitive marketplace, serious do-it-yourself musicians need structured advice more than ever. In Music Marketing for the DIY Musician, veteran musician and industry insider Bobby Borg presents a strategic, step-by-step guide to producing a fully customized, low-budget plan of attack for marketing one’s music. Presented in a conversational tone, this indispensable guide reveals the complete marketing process using the same fundamental concepts embraced by top innovative companies, while always encouraging musicians to find their creative niche and uphold their artistic vision. The objective is to help artists take greater control of their own destinies while saving money and time in attracting the full attention of top music industry professionals. It’s ultimately about making music that matters, and music that gets heard! Updates include:New interviews highlighting current marketing strategies for the new music market Info on how to leverage digital marketing and streaming playlists Updated stories and examples of current music marketing principlesFuture forecasts and trends into music marketingNew and revised services, tools, references, and contacts that can help musicians further their careersNew marketing plan samples for bands/solo artists and freelance musicians and songwriters