DIY Acrylic Paint Pouring

DIY Acrylic Paint Pouring
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DIY Acrylic Paint Pouring
How to Make Beautiful, Fresh, Funky and Trendy Acrylic Paint Pour Art
The Essential Beginner’s Handbook for Fluid Art Tips, Tricks, and Techniques Learn 5 FAST, QUICK & EASY Methods

Making beautiful, colorful messes is so much fun

Have you ever wanted to tap into your creative side but thought you lacked artistic talent?

Do you love the look of modern, abstract artwork but are afraid to take the leap of making your own?

Are you a perfectionist? Are you scared to create artwork because you’ll feel you will have to do and re-do and RE-DO it over and over again?

Don’t worry This book holds the answers for you

Now you can learn to create beautiful works of art with your own two hands It’s cheap, easy, and fun

Literally, anyone who can spill a cup of milk can make a masterpiece.

Acrylic poured artwork is funky, fresh, and totally on-trend right now. You can use this method to paint to just about anything around your house to create that spectacular conversation piece.

Even if you think you lack artistic talent, in this book, I show you that YOU can unleash the artist inside you.

You haven’t had this much fun making art since you finger-painted in Kindergarten for Mother’s Day

This type of art creation is perfect for kids and adults of all ages. It can be so satisfying, too

The artwork is sometimes not just in the end result, but the journey of the process is half the satisfaction.

In this book, I will show you in easy to follow, step-by-step instructions and techniques of how to create wondrously amazing works of fluid acrylic paint poured art.

I start from the very beginning.

  • What are the absolutely necessary materials
  • What materials and supplies are helpful but optional
  • How to set up your workspace
  • How to mix the paint just right
  • What are ‘cells’ and how you make them

Once we set a firm foundation, I will talk you through the 5 major methods of pouring the paint.

We’ll talk about:

  • The Dirty Pour (no, it’s not a mixed drink )
  • The Puddle Pour (sounds fun, right?)
  • Swiping (not ‘stealing ‘)
  • The ever-popular ‘Soda Bottle’ pour technique
  • Using a blow dryer or straw to create different looks

This type of art is extremely affordable because you can paint anything you want using these techniques You can stick to canvas, but your imagination is your only limit

In this book, I tried to pack it full of photographs to illustrate exactly what I’m talking about - visually.