Chambering Rifles for Accuracy

Chambering Rifles for Accuracy
Brand: 4D Reamer Rentals Ltd
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In these days of instant data transfer via social media, and quick DIY (Do It Yourself) videos on YouTube, that demonstrate everything from dying your poodle blue to building a Saturn V rocket, they fall short on many details of the in depth process of how to chamber a rifle barrel correctly and how to use and modify the machine tools required to do a precision job.

In this book Fred Zeglin and Gordy Gritters expose the reader to everything that is necessary to accomplish both a basic high quality hunting/varminting chamber job and a world class method of chambering involving documentable and measurable results through the entire process.

The book is split into two sections; Part 1 covers everything the gunsmith, shooter and hunter should know about installing a barrel that will produce sub MOA groups, day in day out. That is a bigger deal than most shooters will admit as they only save the good targets to show off... You will learn that it's not just the barrel that delivers repeatable results.

Part II of the book is all about benchrest quality and techniques. No secrets are held back. The take away for the gunsmith should be that details matter and will insure results. For the gun owner the message is simple; Your gunsmith earns his pay.

If you're a gunsmith or the owner of a new lathe wanting to get started on the right path, Fred's knowledge of reamers and their geometry and their proper use is invaluable reading to the veteran smith and those just getting started in the field of building long range firearms. Fred establishes the foundation for precision chamber work and lathe set-up and describes all the core basics required to chamber a rifle barrel that will keep customers coming back time and time again or give one pride next time he or she takes that barrel to the range for target work or out in the field where one shot may make the difference whether we smile or cry on that long drive back home.

'Chambering Rifle Barrels for Accuracy' has an additional value even to the reader who will never fit a barrel to his or her own rifle. What is that you may ask? The book itself offers to the reader a contrast or comparison between different types and methods of fitting barrels to hunting, varminting, informal target shooting and the precision match rifles.

Whether you're doing your own work or having it done by someone else, the book gives you an insight as to many of the questions you may want to ask the gunsmith whom you are entrusting your rifle with to perform the work for you, this will ensure the finished product's performance meets the demands you are going to place on it and not sole rely on the smith to make many of the critical performance decisions for you.

Professional gunsmiths are often information spunges. This is one book they should sop up.