Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Sheds, 3rd Edition

Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Sheds, 3rd Edition
Brand: Cool Springs Press
22.5 EUR

This exciting new 3rd edition of the bestselling title, 'Black & Decker Complete Guide to Sheds' has the perfect plan for anyone who is building his or her own backyard shed.

The most popular plans from previous editions are preserved, from small garage-style sheds with overhead doors, to kit sheds, to contemporary utility sheds with a dramatic flair. This new edition delves into new styles that are drawing strong interest today, including tiny sheds, miniature tool sheds, and even small habitable sheds that are designed to function mostly as a quiet retreat for practicing a particular hobby or activity. As with all of the hardworking, practical sheds from earlier editions, the new varieties include full-color step by step photos, complete building plan drawings with cutting lists, and clear how-to instructions.

Shed-building, like any other building process, starts with good techniques. That's why the general skills section has been updated and improved. With this complete guide, you can build just about any shed you dream of. Plus, you'll find information on new tools and products that will make your project go faster and more smoothly. Rounded out with helpful information on important considerations like siting and zoning, 'Black & Decker Complete Guide to Sheds 3rd Edition' truly is a complete guide to this very popular DIY activity.