Backwoods Survival Guide

Backwoods Survival Guide
Brand: Centennial Books
21.4 EUR

The definitive guide to living off the land.

Even as the world seems to move faster and faster each day, many people are becoming ever more interested in self-reliance. They are spending more time outdoors, hiking and camping. They are growing and preserving their own food.

Exploring self-reliance topics is how more and more people are staying grounded in a busy world. Homesteading is one area that falls under the self-reliance umbrella: This book explains how to raise chickens in your backyard, harvest rainwater and make it safe for consumption, save seeds from your garden harvest, and preserve food from one season to the next. The outdoor skills chapter discusses the basics of tracking, wild plants that have medicinal uses, and how to keep clean while in the field. DIY projects are always popular with the self-reliance audience: This chapter explains how to make a homemade waterproof oilcloth tarp from a thrift store bed sheet, how to build and use a vacucanner for food storage, and, perhaps most importantly, how to roast and brew coffee while off the grid. Survival planning is certainly part of self-reliance as well, and information on caching supplies for emergencies, how to use a bow and arrow to acquire food, and why cotton clothing is a horrible choice for outdoor pursuits are all covered in this book.

For everyone who is looking for ways to be more self-sufficient, the Backwoods Survival Guide is here to help.