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Opening Clamor of 2009

Around the May 1st 2009,  Marikki aka Mari Jaurola, the author of the super famous blog Kesäkumpu (Summer Hill), wrote in her blog post that a new home decoration shop would soon open in Tampere and that the shop would be more genuine, more beautiful and more service-minded than any home decoration shop in Tampere. My Country Home had previously been located in the town Hämeenkyrö near Tampere and had a small and loyal clientele.

Hundreds of blog readers were waiting for the opening, anticipated at the end of May. It was exiting to wait because they were publishing photos of the future shop online. Along the pedestrian street next to the department store Stockmann there was already the most beautiful flower shop in Tampere, Kukkaikkuna (Flower Window), which had also been covered in the blog Kesäkumpu, and now you could also follow how its neighbour’s renovation was advancing with the blog Ihanuutta arkeen (Beauty to Everyday Life).

On May 23rd the opening finally took place and, even though there had been no advertisements, there were more curious customers trying to fit in than the small shop could take.

Virpi Kostiainen, My Country Home  Pumpulihame  Pellavamekko

Specialized Home Decoration Shop

My Country Home receives new items every week, so I – a keen antique enthusiast – started to visit the shop often. Back then I was working for the communications agency Eklekti Finland (today Brand United) that operates at the premises of Vilkas Group, a company offering e-commerce solutions. I had taken part in designing an online shop for Medika Nova with the Omaverkkokauppa (my online shop) platform by Vilkas, so with my experience I could recommend the platform. My Country Home was open to the idea but decided to give it a second thought. From the customers' point of view there were lots of expectations because many customers came a long way to visit the shop.

At the beginning the home decoration shop was selling more new production than nowadays. Since then, pieces uniques have replaced the clothing brand Odd Molly, and their white decoration items are mostly antique from brocantes markets in France and Belgium. Virpi Kostiainen, the shop owner, orders these items from Sweden through Vintage by Nina and sells them here in Tampere exclusively.

Friends Forever

All Friends Forever articles, designed by Virpi and her best friend Terhi Ahosola together, are pieces uniques for which they use recycled materials: mostly old French linens and laces with jewels of Finnish handicraft. In addition, the selection comprises traditional French cotton textiles. The boutique is indeed très Parisienne. The space is filled with buzz of conversation, Edith Piaf's voice and a scent of lavender. The atmosphere is casual and peaceful like in the old days, and that's why people feel comfortable and won’t hurry out but tend to stay there a while. Marikki of the blog Kesäkumpu sure was right when she wrote that the service is exceptionally good.

To me, Virpi has become a style icon, whose scarves and shoes I'm trying to buy when I see her wearing them! Usually Virpi is willing to sell her own treasures when a customer asks nicely. ;)

The Long-Awaited Online Shop Opens

At the beginning of the year Vilkas Group had a sales campaign that inspired Virpi to contact me. She wanted the look of her online shop to be "crude, not cute!" in order to highlight the beauty of the items in contrast to the background. For colours I chose white, grey and lavender.

We agreed to publish the online shop on February 6th. I designed the shop on turnkey basis until the shop had a basic selection, about 25 products. We agreed to have the training on Friday February 3rd. We were so excited that the online shop got a head start! The testing was done over the weekend and the last technical settings were set on Monday.


Even though Virpi had ordered products in the Internet only three times in her life she quickly learned the tasks of an online trader just in one afternoon. You can find new products in her online shop all the time – when the online trader / designer has time to sew and shoot them. Customer feedback certainly gives strength to manage two shops and a big family:

"Super! And the site looks wonderful and works just swimmingly! :)"

"Just an adorable website, wonderful pics (of course!) and a clear structure! It's nice to have an own category for novelties, you can see right away which items are new, you don't need to scroll through everything ;) (though it's nice to admire them)."

Attention! We will add a key choker from the Friends Forever collection to the deliveries for orders made by The Valentine's Day on February 14th!

My Country Home
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