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Founded in August 2011, Salotto Illustrations is a creative and customer-oriented advertising agency that provides marketing materials, such as company identities and images, electronic media, print media, marketing strategies and printing services, in a fluid and reliable way and on an affordable budget. The services we offer are based on my extensive and versatile artistic work that I started 16 years ago.

Ask for a quote: julia.prusi(at)

Salotto has already had the pleasure of working on marketing communication projects with the following companies, among others: marketing agency Markkinointitoimisto Deeper, advertising agency TBWA\Helsinki, communication agency MCI Press, software house Datapolis Solutions, recruitment and head-hunting agency ProSupport, law firm Ekman Law, deco shop My Country Home, deco shop Villa Harmonie, florist's Kukkaikkuna, funeral parlour Hautauspalvelu Mielonen, wellness centre Tunnekeskus Lumpeenkukka, interior design agency Sisustuskipinä - Decoflame, translation agency Silosäe, shoe brand Vintro Shoes and many more.

Before setting up Salotto, I worked as a copywriter, graphic designer, marketing planner, customer account manager, sales manager and project manager in marketing, advertising and communication agencies and printing houses, where I gained extensive experience in marketing and advertising assignments from over 100 companies across a wide variety of industries.

But why an arts agency, rather than an advertising agency? Why order bespoke illustrations for your company? How does art help you make your business stronger?

  • Art is a means of expression, communication, commenting and creating emotions.
  • Companies with stories are successful, and art is a means of communicating your values to your customers.
  • Story-telling and branding have common roots: both involve brains and emotions.
  • Art affects emotions and thinking on a subjective level.
  • Story-telling is a means of creating a brand.

Have a look at case examples: