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About us

Salotto Illustrations is a marketing communications agency with a special emphasis on art. The artistic products and services we offer are based on my extensive and versatile artistic work that I started 16 years ago, in 1997. I started working full-time in fine arts, illustration, textile design and graphic design in August 2011 when I set up my company, Salotto (Italian for lounge, drawing room). The inspiration behind the name of the company was my dream of inviting my artist colleagues to collectively support and guide each other in selling and marketing our works of art. Some examples of what we can achieve together include art lending libraries, pop-up exhibitions and the annual Taidesuunnistus (Art Orienteering) event.

An artist cannot close his or her eyes from the reality where you need to find a paying customer for most of your artworks in order to be able to continue your work in the future. One has to make a clear distinction between making art and business. In Finland it is significantly more difficult to make a living in a creative field than in the other Nordic countries. You have to work much harder to put fine arts on the map. For instance, art lending is something most people do not know about.

The goal of marketing communication is to bring about demand and activity that has a positive influence on the demand. As Peter Drucker puts it: "The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous." Marketing is a slow action and it takes patience and time to see the results. Not every artist has the will or the skill to pursue this along with artistic creation.

In addition to marketing art and producing art events, Salotto also provides painting courses as well as marketing materials for artists, art institutions, companies and societies.

Welcome to the wonderfully illustrated world of Salotto!

Julia Prusi Photo: Liivia Sirola, 2011

Julia Prusi
Visual Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Marketing Planner M.Sc. (Econ.)



PS. Salotto has a network of specialists including sales experts, professional trainers, business counselors, gallerists, advertising and marketing specialists, journalists, interior decorators and fine artists. Art creates belief in and experiences of what is common to us. Artists can truly benefit from supporting each other.