Murals and Portraits Art creates unforgettable memories.

Card collections

Salotto Illustrations designs tailored card collections for specialist shops.

Midsummer Mural

Ekokumppanit & Tampereen joukkoliikenne: aikatauluseinä 3 m x 1,5 m, 2014

Our wall murals will help your business stand out!

VISITING ARTIST: visual artist Tuula Lehtinen

<p>öljy, akryyli, silkkipaino, brodeeraus, lakka, kumibikromaattivedos, toppaus / olja, akryl, serigrafi, broderi, lack, gummibikromattryck, stoppning / oil, acrylic, silk screen, embroidery,  lacquer, gum bichromate print, padding<br />
<p>© Tuula Lehtinen

Visual artist Tuula Lehtinen tells us about her work as well as selling and marketing art.

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Galleria Fogga

Galleria Fogga: Kutsu tanssiin -näyttelykutsu

Galleria Fogga's Website and Exhibition Invitations

Memory Game

Muistipeli, sivu 1

There are trends in the art. Is the resemblance of the works intentional or just a coincidence?

Graphic Realization


Graphic designing or productive realization? Case: Tunnekeskus Lumpeenkukka.

Portraits – Questions and Answers


People are more interested in portraits, so I decided to answer everyone together.

Placing Art Works


Defining the place for an artwork is not an easy task.

Wallpaper Art

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Tapetti: Seinäruusun (Tampere) ylijäämävarastosta 0 €<br />
Kirje: Antiikkikahvila Pehtoori (Hämeenkyrö), 15 €<br />
Sulka: Syrjysen strutsitila (Pälkäne) 3 €

Make beautiful interior paintings from recycled materials!